Solutions and Services



Patient Safety Solutions

Keeping an eye on patient’s safety, a simplified and easy Vital Monitoring is essential. MSS has partnered with Sotera Wireless to bring ViSI Mobile a revolutionary second generation vital signs monitoring system. ViSi Mobile is a comprehensive system, designed to enhance patient safety and connecting clinicians with their patients anywhere, anytime whether in or out of bed, or while in transport. The ViSi Mobile System is able to continuously measure and display all vital signs (ECG, Heart/Pulse Rate, SpO2, Blood Respiration Rate, Skin Temperature) with monitoring accuracy and can be remote viewed and notification devices.


Health Information Systems (HIS)

MSS recognizes the importance of Information Systems in Medical Centres for timely flow of data and security of the records. With this focus, MSS has collaborated with Cerner, the innovator and global leader in health care information systems. HIS includes a variety of integrated data sources, including patient Electronic Medical Records, Decision Support Systems, and Computerized Physician Order Entry for medications. HIS systems provide timely access to patient information and (if standardized and networked) can communicate health information to other providers, patients, and insurers. The benefits can include dramatic efficiency savings, greatly increased safety, and health benefits.


Inter-hospital Communications

Timely and effective inter-hospital communication between various clinical departments is crucial. MSS has entered into agreement with SPOK, an industry leader in critical communication solutions for healthcare industry. Their solutions areas include Communication-enabled workflow automation, Clinical alerting middleware, Contact centre solutions, Staff scheduling, Secure critical communications, Preference-directed communications, Critical test results management, Emergency notification and incident management and Paging services. These can be setup of any choice of database architecture like SQL Server or Oracle. A broad array or PBX systems, all industry paging protocols and mobile operating systems are also supported.


Smart Hospital Solutions

With an ever increasing number of patients, big tertiary hospitals and medical centres need overall solution to streamline the work flow, facilitate patient friendly system with efficient use of time. MSS comes with comprehensive yet customizable solution that covers the flow from the first step in the hospital till the end of the stay and even beyond that. We have varied partners in several disciplines and we can provide a solution best suited to make your hospital smart through effective and efficient utilization of all the clinical, administration and general departments that brings about effective utilization of costs and resources and ensure patients visit a pleasurable one.